The Best Multi-Tool for Fishing

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There are days that are perfect for staying in, lounging around, reading a book or watching a movie. And then there are days that are perfect for going out and engaging in some outdoor activity, like fishing.

Carrying a multi-tool is great when you’re going fishing. Not only because it is a great space-saving tactic, but because you don’t have to carry so many tools with you, it also lessens the chances of something being forgotten or left behind as there are fewer tools that you have to keep track of.

Whether you are an expert in cutting your line, removing hooks, opening split rings, and so on, or you’re a beginner in the field of fishing, you can definitely benefit from having a quality multi-tool with you when you go fishing. No more stressing over hurting your hands when you pull out hooks from your catch, just bring a multi-tool along and your fishing expedition will be a breeze!

We have buying guides for multi-tools for backpacking and multi-tools for mountain biking, but this guide is for fishing – here’s our top picks, reviewed and ranked:

Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers
Editor’s choice

Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers

  • Made of anodized aluminium
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Good grip
  • Quite powerful

Say goodbye to the struggle of having to remove the hook from your fish. With this multi-tool in your pocket whenever you go fishing, you can easily cut fishing lines, crimp sleeves, crimp leads, and remove hooks.

The Piscifun Fishing pliers are made of powerful and durable titanium-coated stainless steel jaws. This is what makes it so easy to remove the hook from the jaws of the fish.

The tool is also made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum that delivers excellent corrosion resistance. No need to switch between multi-tools after several uses because this is something you’ll get to keep for long-term use without any signs of oxidation and rust.

At the same time, the CNC cut handles make the tool sturdy and durable, but at the same time light and easy to use as well. A spring also keeps the pliers open freely and a split ring tip makes it strong enough to remove hooks and split rings. 

The Piscifun Fishing Pliers’ carbide cutters are made of tungsten and are fully replaceable and at the same time, they are sharp enough to cut the tough braid fishing line, mono line, fly fishing line, and backing line. They also come with a retractable coil lanyard and belt loop clasp, as well as a sheath that makes it convenient and safe to carry around.

  • Length: 7.1 inches
  • Jaws: Stainless steel
  • Cutter: Tungsten carbide
  • Handles: Machined aluminum alloy
Booms Fishing X1 plier

Booms Fishing X1

  • Lightweight and high quality design
  • Tungsten cutter is powerful and durable
  • Comes with holster and lanyard

Make fishing an easy hobby to do with the Booms Fishing Pliers! Made of anodized aluminum material, this multi-tool is perfect, whether you are fishing in saltwater or freshwater. No need to worry about rust or corrosion any more as you use this tool when you fish.

With these replaceable 70+ HRC tungsten carbide cutters, you will have no difficulty slicing through a tough braided line every time you go out fishing. Its stainless steel serrated jaws also have a tight grip that will help you remove hooks and protect you so you don’t get hurt in case you use a triple fish hook. If you’re looking for strength and durability in one multi-tool that can help you in your fishing, you’ve got it here.

Aside from removing hooks, the Booms Fishing Pliers can also open split rings, cut braided lines, and split shot rig, all using the same handy tool. These pliers are longer than most fishing multi-tools and can also withstand a tension of up to 40 pounds as compared to some that can only reach 12 pounds.

It’s easy to use and easy to carry, due to its lightweight aluminum make-up. It’s got a spring-loaded handle so you have no difficulty using this tool, and Booms Fishing also included a steel wire coiled lanyard and nylon holster so that you can clip it to your bag or your belt for safety and keeping within easy reach. Now you can fish without having to worry about your tool getting lost.

It’s also easy to clean. Once you come back from your fishing trip, you can clean it with a light oil (this will protect the stainless steel jaws from its exposure to oxygen), wipe it up, and then store your this handy tool in a dry place until you need it again.

  • Length: 7.8 inches
  • Jaws: Carbon coated stainless steel
  • Cutter: Tungsten carbide (replace)
  • Handles: Aluminum
KastKing Speed Demon Pro fishing plier

KastKing Speed Demon Pro

  • Rubberized grip
  • Easy to use due to the length of the cutter
  • Comes with durable holster and lanyard

Fish like a pro with a pair of KastKing Fishing Pliers! It is made of highly corrosion-resistant Teflon-coated stainless steel. With this multi-tool, you will have no difficulty doing the following: Crimping split shots and building leaders, tuning baits, cinching knots, cutting wires, and more.

Its cutters, made of tungsten wire cut easily through mono, fluorocarbon, and braid fishing. No need to experience struggling with your line anymore. You can simply cut and do what you need to do!

These heavy-duty, reliable pliers also come with a non-slip golf-style super polymer grip that makes it a whole lot easier to hold as you use. It’s a soft grip handle that lets you use it with just one hand. No need to worry about the chances that it might slip out of your hands as you cut or adjust and pull out hooks.

KastKing declares that their pliers are 46% harder than most aluminum pliers and have nearly 3 times the bending strength of aluminum pliers. The KastKing Pro Fishing Pliers also perform great in both saltwater and freshwater environments, with the Teflon coating keeping it from corroding easily.

These fishing pliers can also grab and remove any fish hook with its 2.5-inch serrated jaws. The holes on the side of the jaw allow you to cinch down a knot quickly and safely, by letting you insert your hook into the hole and pull it to create a tight knot.

A custom molded sheath that comes with a belt clip ensures that this multi-tool is protected from wear and tear. The KastKing Pro Fishing Pliers also come with a coiled lanyard that you can clip to your belt or your pack to ensure that they don’t fall overboard or get lost when you travel.

Note: There are two kinds of KastKing Pro Fishing Pliers, one has a split ring nose and the other one has a straight nose. You can also opt to get them in a 7.5 or 8.5 inch size.

  • Length: 7.5-8.5 inches
  • Jaws: Teflon coated stainless steel
  • Cutter: Tungsten carbide
  • Handles: Super Polymer


With any of these great fishing multi-tools that you can take with you on your next fishing trip, you are most likely to have a more fun and enjoyable experience.

You can just simply cast your line and enjoy the rest of your day in a quiet place as you fish. Let your multi-tool do most of the work for you the next time you go fishing!

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