The Best Small Folding Table for Camping

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The best way to unplug from stress and put your mind at peace, is to stay as far away from all the hustle and bustle for a while. That is why camping is one of the best options for those wishing to unwind, and it’s relatively cheaper than other types of vacation.

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One of the things you should prepare and consider getting when you go camping, is a proper folding table. You’ll find later on that it doesn’t only give you space to comfortably eat your meal, but it also doubles as a meal prepping station, a work desk, a storage area for things you don’t want on the ground, and much more.

Most people agree that small folding tables are one of their best purchases for a camping trip, as it takes up less space in your car’s trunk and can easily be stored on a shelf when you get back home.

Our top picks

Picking a small folding table to bring with you on your next camping trip may be a bit tricky with all the products there is out there.

We’ve conducted extensive research and analyzed more than hundred user ratings, to understand what kind of camping tables users prefer.

Below are the results and 4 of the best folding tables for camping on the market:

Small Personal Folding Table

Small Personal Folding Table with a white top

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The first on our list is a small foldable table from Lifetime. Starting its company with the production of better basketball hoops in 1986, it has now expanded to manufacturing durable and lasting products ranging from foldable chairs to sheds, kayaks, and playground equipment.

The Lifetime 80251 Personal Table is no exception to the company’s quality production. It is constructed with high-density polyethylene, which ensures superior strength and durability of the product.

Showing off its strength and durability with an impact-resistant design, made to prevent dents when accidentally bumped into, this is a great choice if you’re often on the road. And if you are a klutz like me, then the impact-resistant design would help make your table last for a long time.

The tabletop is UV-protected, and also stain resistant with extra protection against the weather when you go camping. Spilled drinks and sauce smears aren’t a problem because the top is easy to clean up. Now you can focus on having fun and relax, instead of worrying about your camping gear.

The frame material is made with powder-coated steel to protect the table frame from rusting. A foot cap is added at the ends of the stand to protect any surface, should you set it up indoors in a cabin or use it momentarily in your own home.

The table comes with an adjustable height. You can choose from the heights of 24, 26, and 28 inches, which will come in handy for any purpose you may have. Want a tall table for when you are prepping your meal, use the 28-inch height. Need a shorter version of the table to match the short benches, adjust the table to 24 inches. That way, the table gets to serve you more purposes, and that’s an important feature when you’re on camping and have limited equipment at hand.


  • Tabletop area: 26 “
  • Item weight: 8.6 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 40 lbs.

4’ White Fold N Half Table

4’ White Fold N Half Table with a white table top

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If a bigger tabletop space is what you need, then getting this table model would be your best option. From the maker of quality outdoor items, Lifetime brings the Fold N Half Table that spans a total of 4 feet.

Even though it has a large tabletop area, this table can be folded to take up half the space of a standard folding table. It would be easy to pack, store, and carry around without taking too much space in your car trunk.

It is also made of high-impact polyethylene which means that in instances where the item is accidentally dropped or bumped into, it won’t easily create dents. Aside from that, the tabletop is made to be stain- and fade-resistant keeping the table in tiptop condition for a long time.

The steel frames are powder-coated to resist outdoor weather conditions, rusting less and lasting longer than your regular outdoor table. The frame also features an easy-lock leg brace for more convenient set-up and take-down.


  • Dimensions: L48 x W24 x adjustable H22, H29, or H36 Inches
  • Item weight: 19.30 lbs
  • Tabletop material: Polyethylene

Original Quik-Fold Table (Available in Many Colors)

ABS Original Quik-Fold Table

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If you only need a small tabletop area, then you can’t go wrong with the Original Quik-Fold Table from Adams Manufacturing. Storage isn’t a problem with this item. It easily folds flat for out-of-the-way storage or you can simply use it as an accent table when you’re not out camping.

Although it is small in size and weighs only 3 pounds, the Quik-Fold table is able to hold up to 25 pounds of weight. This feature makes it a great add-on to any camping trip you’ll be having, and can be used as a main table for one or two people as well.

Its material is made of durable high-impact polypropylene that does not peel, rust, or rot making it last longer than your regular table. Choose from a lot of different colors, that’ll suit your personality and camping style.


  • Item weight: 3.1 lbs 
  • Weight capacity: 25 lbs
  • Product dimensions: 17.4 x 15.2 x 19.8 inches

Compact Expandable Table (From 28″ to 48″ Wide)

Aluminum Compact Expandable Table

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Another great camping table option that you should consider getting is the Compact Expandable Table from RIO Gear. It is a roll-top style tabletop constructed with aluminum. The aluminum used is heat-dissipating, meaning that it doesn’t absorb heat like other materials. It will stay colder than other metals, even if placed in the sun.

The table frame is made of telescoping aluminum, so you can adjust the tabletop length between 48 and 28 inches. An un-telescoped frame makes a 28” table that can seat up to four people at a time. Telescoping the frame would extend the tabletop to 48”, which can seat a total of up to six people. You never know if you end up making new friends along the way and need that extra table width, and it may come in handy for storage space and meal prepping as well. What’s even better is that the telescoping table legs are able to adjust to uneven ground, which can be very common on a camping ground.

It also has a Close-It Hold Strap System that tethers any handled trash bag to the sides of the table, when it is set up. It makes throwing out the garbage more convenient, and that is a great feature when you’re camping and don’t have a garbage can on hand. Aside from that, the system also secures the tabletop dividers together for quick and easy storage.


  • Tabletop area: 48 x 27.5 or 28 x 27.5 inches
  • Tabletop material: Aluminum
  • Item weight: 11.5 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 60 lbs.

4 factors to consider when buying a folding table

Not satisfied with the options we provided? Don’t worry. There are still a whole lot of products in the market that would surely satisfy your needs and budget.

You can check more items on Amazon or go to your local hardware store and check out products in person. If you don’t know where to start, you can use this buying guide that when picking folding tables that are great for camping.

1. Size and portability

How many people will be seated around the table? That is the first question you need to answer when you are looking for a camping table.

The table should be big enough for your group to be seated comfortably. A larger table is usually used for buffet spreads, but it is also great for a larger group of campers.

Another thing to consider, which is also related to the size, is the portability of the table that you are considering. How much space will the table take when you are transporting it, and how easy is it to carry? Those are some questions that you should think about when you are considering the table’s portability.

It should be small enough to fit in your car, but also light enough to carry around by hand. You don’t want to waste your energy on carrying heavy items when there are lighter and still properly durable options on the market.

2. Weight capacity

It is important to consider how much weight the table is able to hold. We don’t want it collapsing in the middle of our meal preparations and spoiling the food, or worse, breaking during a meal. Although it may be a fun memory, it is still better to invest in a durable table that can put up with your needs.

3. Easy setup

We go camping to enjoy nature and not stress about minor details such as setting up equipment. Avoid buying a table that needs too much assembling. Instead, opt for tables that are pop-up such as folding tables. Rolling table tops are also great and easy to set up

4. Materials

Lastly, you should always check what materials are used to manufacture the tables. Make sure that the metals used are quality coated to avoid rusting and damage, or go with aluminum or plastic instead. Aluminum is also heat-dissipating, and doesn’t get as hot as other metals left in the sun.

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