The Best Tent for Music Festivals

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Are you are a festival die-hard? Then, mark your calendar. There are literally dozens of festivals, shows, and events scheduled for this year. These festivals cater to almost all types of music taste but also hobbies, sports, and others. More so, are you a minimalist backpacker? You better start shopping for the best tent for music festivals, if you don’t have one yet. How so?

Well, a tent is an essential amenity for any summer music festival. You know how packed festivals can be right? Getting ample space at the best spot to pitch your tent can get tricky. And, besides the size, you have to think of the current weather, plus other factors. Fortunately there’s a lot of options to choose from, but you’d better do a bit of research first. This buying guide takes you a few steps ahead because of the research we’ve done, so read on and see what seasoned festival goers recommend:

Factors to Consider

Crowded campground at music festival
This is how festival campgrounds usually look, so you’ll need a compact yet comfortable tent, that squeezes in perfectly in even the smallest vacant spot.


Unlike tents for full time living, these tents have to be of a much more humble size.

A festival is merrier when it pulls high crowds. Yet, it also means that pitching space is scarce. Besides, most organizers give out strict limits on the size of a tent that you can bring with you. Are you familiar with these regulations? If not, get hold of the festival officials and clarify on this before purchasing your new festival tent.


As a festival-goer, you have a full list of what to carry to make your adventure fun. These include food and drinks, toiletries, festival costumes, and festival essentials. You don’t want to spend too much on the tent, and then run short on other necessities. 

Tent-Sharing Plans

Are attending the festivals alone, or are you with your buddies? Regardless, pick a tent that will accommodate you all. To do so, always select a tent that can take up an extra person. For example, if you’ll be three of you, then pick a canopy for persons and so forth. Now, it can be tricky when there are size restrictions from the organizers. Hence, get an extra tent if you cannot all share the same one.

A Porch Area

When it rains during a music festival, we often shift from one muddy section to a dry one. Hence, you may need a convenient porch area where you can keep aside all your ruined stuff. And when it begins to pour out of nowhere, this porch area becomes your quick shelter from the rain. 

Porch tents for music festivals are excellent for large families. The porches are bug-proof sections. They are ideal cooking areas, screen rooms, or serve as private areas amid the crowd.

Ease of Locating Tent During the Festival

Amid lots of tents, it’s easier to locate yours when it is in eye-catching colors and designs. Hence, buy a tent that is of such shades. Or, you can use camping accessories like flags to help you locate your spot.

Our Top Picks

While the range of tents suitable for music festivals is plentysome, some are better than others. Here’s our personal favorites, carefully picked after doing tons of research:

Coleman Dome Tent in black and green colors
Editor’s choice

Coleman Dome Tent

  • Generous space
  • Great comfort
  • Small screened-off lounge area

The Coleman Dome Tent for Camping is in the classic design and an extra on with a patch area for a family group. Its polyester case, coupled with a PU coating makes it waterproof. There is a blackout interior to block the excessive sunlight. It comes in handy when you want to keep the early morning sunshine away and extend your sleep. Then, the tint retains more heat during the cold months. Hence, it is an exceptional choice for at least three seasons. Besides it is easy to pitch and of a lightweight, portable size.


  • Type: Dome shaped/Dome shaped with screen room
  • Capacity:  4 and 6 persons
  • Center Height:  5’9″
  • Floor Space:  63 Square feet
  • Weight: 5.1kg
  • Waterproofing Feature: WeatherTec System
  • Fabric: Polyester, PU coating

What We Like

  • A mid-point tent between backpacker tents and family tents
  • Gives you ample space in a limited spot
  • Has a dark room for deeper sleep
  • Uses a neon green rainfly for better visibility
  • High center heights for tall persons
  • Off the ground window sections for a better view while lying down
  • Has a dome shape to maximize on its ventilation
  • It can accommodate a 6′ cot
  • Multi-seasonal use
  • Includes a one year warranty
  • Creation from a reputable brand
Regatta Malawi Pop-Up Tent

Regatta Malawi Pop-Up Tent

  • Easy to set up in seconds
  • Minimalistic size
  • Available in red or blue

Are you a minimalist festival goer looking for ways to save some cash for some drink? Here is a quick tip to cut your costs of essentials. Opt for the Regatta Waterproof Malawi Unisex Outdoor Pop-Up Tent. Yes, this minimalistic tent for two has all that you need for shelter during a music festival. It has a lightweight Hydrafort 70D Flysheet that sews to the ground sheet. The end result is a waterproof canopy that is snug and cozy. Furthermore, its fiberglass poles are flexible and robust enough to withstand strong winds. And, you can use it straight from the bag. How cool is that?


  • Type: Pop Up Style, Single Skin Tent
  • Capacity:  2 persons
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Fabric: Hydrafort 70D Flysheet, 3000 mm hydrostatic head

What We Like            

  • Uses a pop-up style to pitch in seconds
  • No mess with the fiber poles
  • Has a mesh door  and a small window for most ventilation
  • Has extra storage pockets and a provision for hanging a lantern
  • 100% waterproof, fire-retardant fabric
  • Available in pepper and oxford blue, bright colors for the most visibility
  • Excellent for solo camping and festival trips
  • Includes convenient pegs in a handy bag

Camping Essentials Every Festival-Goer Should Have

Finally, what else can you do to get the best out of your best tent for music festivals? Carry adequate camping accessories. Here are a few ideas: –

  • A sleeping bag
  • A camping pillow and sleeping pad
  • Foldable camping chairs
  • Optional camping table
  • Flashlight, headlamp or lantern
  • A survival tool kit
  • First aid kit
  • Organic insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • A sturdy cooler

Final Note

As you plan to attend your next festival, ensure you do some research. Then, buy your tickets in advance and start practicing on how to set up your tent. Stake your tent to withstand any drastic weather change. Plan for late-night entertainment and other fun festival activities. This way, you can guard your valuables. And, when the event wraps up, ensure you leave a clean environment behind you.

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